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AIEE, IRE, and IEEE members who won Nobel Prizes

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IEEE (including AIEE, IRE) Members who have Won Nobel Prizes

Zhores I Alferov, 2000, Physics

Edward Appleton (MH), 1947, Physics

Nicolaas Bloembergen (MH), 1981, Physis

Willard S. Boyle, 2009. Physics

Willem Einthoven, 1924, Medicine

Leo Esaki (MH), 1973, Physics

  • Brian Josephson, 1973, Physics

Charles K. Kao, 2009, Physics

Jack S. Kilby (MH), 2000, Physics

Eldo C. Koenig, 1951, Economics (AIEE member?)

Herbert Kroemer, 2000, Physics

  • Leon M Lederman, 1988, Physics

Guglielmo Marconi (MH), 1909, Physics

Arthur Schawlow, 1981, Physics

William Shockley (MH), 1956, Physics

George E. Smith, 2009, Physics

Charles Townes (MH), 1964, Physics

Robert W. Wilson, 1978, Physics

Willard S. Boyle, 2009, Physics

MH = winner of IEEE (or predecessor organization) Medal of Honor

  • =IEEE Honorary Member
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