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AIEE, IRE, and IEEE members who won Nobel Prizes

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IEEE (including AIEE, IRE) Members who have Won Nobel Prizes

Zhores I Alferov, 2000, Physics

Edward Appleton (MH), 1947, Physics

Nicolaas Bloembergen (MH), 1981, Physics

Willem Einthoven, 1924, Medicine

Leo Esaki (MH), 1973, Physics

  • Brian Josephson, 1973, Physics

Jack S. Kilby (MH), 2000, Physics

Eldo C. Koenig, 1951, Economics (AIEE member?)

Herbert Kroemer, 2000, Physics

  • Leon M Lederman, 1988, Physics

Guglielmo Marconi (MH), 1909, Physics

Arthur Schawlow, 1981, Physics

William Shockley (MH), 1956, Physics

Charles Townes (MH), 1964, Physics

Robert W. Wilson, 1978, Physics

MH = winner of IEEE (or predecessor organization) Medal of Honor

  • =IEEE Honorary Member