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2010 IEEE Honors Ceremony

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2010 Honors Ceremony

Award Winners

Medal of Honor

IEEE Medal of Honor: Andrew J. Viterbi

Major Medals

Edison Medal: Ray Dolby

Alexander Graham Bell Medal: John M. Cioffi

James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal: Randy H. Katz

Founders Medal: Paul E. Gray

Richard W. Hamming Medal: Whitfield Diffie, Martin Hellman, Ralph Merkle

Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal: Ronald W. Schafer

Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal: Richard M. Swanson

Robert N. Noyce Medal: James C. Morgan

Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications: Alfonso Farina

Medal in Power Engineering: Prabha S. Kundur

Simon Ramo Medal: Barry W. Boehm

IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award: Amar G. Bose

John von Neumann Medal: John Hopcroft, Jeffrey Ullman

Honorary Membership

IEEE Honorary Membership: Narayana N. R. Murthy

IEEE Service Awards

Richard M. Emberson Award: James M. Tien

Haraden Pratt Award: Raymond Findlay

IEEE Corporate Recognitions

Corporate Innovation Recognition: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd