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1997 IEEE Honors Ceremony

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1997 IEEE Honors Ceremony

Award Winners

Medal of Honor

IEEE Medal of Honor: George H. Heilmeier

Major Medals

Edison Medal: Esther M. Conwell

Alexander Graham Bell Medal: Vinton G. Cerf, Robert E. Kahn

James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal: David A. Hodges

Medal for Engineering Excellence: John G. Anderson

Founders Medal: Gordon E. Moore

Richard W. Hamming Medal: Thomas M. Cover

Heinrich Hertz Medal: L. R. Owen Storey

Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal: Bernard Gold, Charles M. Rader

Lamme Medal: Andre J. Calvaer

John von Neumann Medal: Maurice V. Wilkes

Honorary Membership

IEEE Honorary Membership: Pekka J. Tarjanne

IEEE Service Awards

Richard M. Emberson Award: Friedolf M. Smits

Haraden Pratt Award: Robert A. Rivers

IEEE Corporate Recognitions

Corporate Innovation Recognition: Motorola, Inc.

Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition: William J. Weisz