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GHN:Action Item Follow-ups

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Code To whom assigned Deadline Item Description
10-2013-02 Feisel/Burger/Johnston/Colburn DONE Pursue Milestone challenges, Phase I
10-2013-05 Geselowitz 11/2014 Work with Region 8 on technical cosponsorship of HISTELCON 2015 (update due 11/2014)
10-2013-07 Feisel/Cooke/Geselowitz DONE Send letter to Verizon expressing concern for historic telephone murals in storage in Boston
10-2013-10 Geselowitz 11/2014 Work with Japan Council History Committee to explore history conference in Japan in 2017 (update due 11/2014)
10-2013-11 Geselowitz/Colburn/Johnston 11/2014 Pursue making proceedings of HISTELCON available on GHN
10-2013-13 Colburn/Geselowitz/Burger DONE Plan History Committee meeting for 8 - 9 March 2014 in Newark, NJ, USA
03-2014-01 Colburn DONE  Send to Committee links to historical articles
03-2014-02 Ruggieri/Bickart/Colburn DONE Submit approved Milestones to IEEE BoD for final approval
03-2014-03 Kawamoto/Colburn 08/2014 Work with Beijing Section to finalize Abacus Milestone
03-2014-04 Burger/Subcommittee to be named 11/2014 Review and make recommendations for STARS program (Burger to appoint subcommittee ASAP)
03-2014-05 Burger/Geselowitz/Colburn DONE  Plan summer Committee teleconference to deal with Abacus, Interactive Video Game, and other Milestones as may arise
03-2014-06 Burger/Subcommittee to be named 11/2014 Report on Milestone challenge #1 (Burger to appoint subcommittee ASAP)
03-2014-07 Marsh/Albert-Howard/Feisel/ Impagliazzo 11/2104 Report on Milestone challenge #2
03-2014-08 Colburn DONE  Administer 2014-2015 Fellowship as chosen by Committee; encourage reapplication of runners-up and invite all candidates to write STARS articles
03-2014-09 Bickart 11/2014 Represent IEEE on joint website project being conducted by staff on UEF grant
03-2014-10 Marsh/Israel/Schwartz/Colburn 11/2014 Transition Fellowship Subcommittee into Awards Subcommittee; prepare nomination for first Middelton Prize (for book published in 2011, 2012 or 2103) to be considered at 11/2014 meeting; update History Committee Information to reflectnew award
03-2014-11 Burger/Geselowitz/Colburn 11/2014 Plan Committee meeting for 9 November in Dearborn, MI, USA, to be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for the History of Technology
07-2014-01 Ruggieri/Bickart/Colburn 09/2014 Submit approved Milestones to IEEE BoD for final approval
07-2014-02 Bickart/Colburn 11/2014 Work with nominators of TAT-8 Milestone to fix citation in regards to mention of involved corporate entities
07-2014-03 Bickart/Milestones Subcommitee/Colburn DONE  Draft a FAQ on Milestones sponsored jointly with a non-IEEE society (e.g. AIAA, ASME, ASCE, et al) and link to the Milestone Guidelines on the IEEE GHN