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Chai K. Toh

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Dr. Chai Keong Toh, professor and chair in Communications Networks at the University of London in England, has been a trailblazer in the field of ad hoc wireless networks. As former director of research in communications systems at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Corporation in Carson, California, and now as chair professor at the University of London, Dr. Toh has laid the foundation for next-generation mobile communications, computing and networking. He invented associativity based routing, an approach that selects stable mobile routes that yield high performance, low-cost wireless networks that originate, terminate and relay traffic without centralized control. It was a pioneering work that gained a U.S. patent.

A Senior Member of IEEE and a pioneering promoter of ad hoc networking, Dr. Toh founded the Ad Hoc Wireless Networking and Computing Consortium and the IEEE Symposium on Ad Hoc Wireless Networks. He also served as chairman of the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Computer Communications and as a distinguished lecturer.